Best Hitachi Chainsaw To Buy On Amazon (Review 2023)

We have compiled a comprehensive review of the top 1 Best Hitachi Chainsaws currently available for purchase. Hitachi Chainsaw come in various sizes and designs, with smaller corded ones being ideal for backyard use and larger gas-powered ones making it effortless to process big logs. For those needing to limb trees at greater heights, pole chainsaws offer extended reach. Our buyer’s guide presents a diverse range of excellent options. However, we encourage you to conduct your own research before making a purchase, as there may be specific factors that are important to you which we might have overlooked.

After thoroughly examining various excellent options from Hitachi, a well-respected brand renowned for their top-notch tools, our review strongly advises conducting your own research before finalizing a purchase. Although we strived to encompass all pertinent aspects, there might be specific factors that hold significance for you, which we may have unintentionally disregarded. Hence, it is of utmost importance to evaluate your personal needs and preferences meticulously to guarantee that the Hitachi Chainsaw you ultimately choose adequately meets your requirements.

By conducting extensive research and considering your individual situation, you have the ability to make a well-informed choice that meets your expectations. It’s important to examine customer reviews, compare features and specifications, and take into account safety features and maintenance needs. Devoting time and effort to your investigation will assist you in finding the perfect Hitachi chainsaw that caters to your unique requirements, ultimately offering you a dependable and effective tool for your intended tasks.

Buyer Guide


Purpose and Intended Use: 

Determine the primary tasks you will be using the chainsaw for. Will you be tackling large logs or just pruning small branches? This will help you select the appropriate size and power option.


Power Source: 

Hitachi Chainsaw are available in gas-powered, corded electric, and battery-powered options. Hitachi Chainsaw provide maximum power but require fuel and regular maintenance. Corded electric chainsaws offer consistent power but limited mobility. Battery-powered chainsaws provide portability but may have limited run time.


Size and Weight: 

Consider the size and weight of the Hitachi Chainsaw, as it can affect maneuverability and comfort during use. Smaller Hitachi Chainsaw are ideal for light-duty tasks, while larger ones are suited for heavier work.


Safety Features:

 Look for safety features such as chain brakes, anti-vibration systems, and kickback protection. These features can enhance user safety and reduce the risk of accidents.


Ease of Use: 

Evaluate features like tool-less chain tensioning, easy start mechanisms, and ergonomic design. These elements can contribute to user-friendly operation and enhance overall usability.


Durability and Build Quality: 

Check customer reviews and ratings to assess the durability and reliability of the Hitachi Chainsaw Look for models with sturdy construction and positive feedback regarding long-term performance.


Price and Budget: 

Set a budget range and compare different options within that range. Consider the overall value provided by the Hitachi Chainsaw, weighing factors such as quality, features, and warranty.


Warranty and After-Sales Support:

 Review the warranty offered by the manufacturer and consider their reputation for customer support. A reliable warranty and responsive customer service can provide peace of mind.


Best Hitachi Chainsaw

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Best Hitachi Chainsaw Review 2023




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Introducing the Hitachi CS33EB16, a top-quality chainsaw that has impressed both contractors and hobbyists alike. With its powerful 32.2cc, 1.6 hp commercial-grade engine, Hitachi Chainsaw delivers exceptional cutting performance and reliability. The PureFire low emission 2-stroke engine technology ensures cleaner operation while reducing environmental impact.

One standout feature of the CS33EB16 is its five-point anti-vibration system, providing maximum comfort and minimizing fatigue during extended use. Equipped with a 16″ Oregon bar and chain, this Hitachi Chainsaw not only reduces kickback but also delivers excellent cutting performance. The inertia-activated chain brake adds an extra layer of safety, instantly stopping the chain rotation to prevent accidents.

The CS33EB16 is designed with outstanding power-to-weight ratio, reducing fatigue and enabling higher productivity. The side access chain tensioner allows for quick and easy chain adjustment, ensuring efficient operation. Additionally, the two bar mounting studs keep the chain at peak cutting efficiency.

What sets the Hitachi CS33EB16 apart is its remarkable workmanship, reflecting the brand’s reputation as a premier Hitachi Chainsaw supplier. Surprisingly, this chainsaw is reasonably priced at only $159.99, offering excellent value for money. With a solid average star rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars from 130 customer reviews on Amazon, it’s clear that the CS33EB16 is a preferred choice among chainsaw shoppers.




  • Engine: 32.2cc, 1.6 hp commercial-grade engine
  • Emission Technology: PureFire low emission 2-stroke engine technology
  • Anti-Vibration System: Five-point anti-vibration system
  • Bar Length: 16″ Oregon bar and chain


Customer Reviews : 


Positive Reviews:



  • The Hitachi Chainsaw starts easily on the second pull and has reliable performance.
  • It is lightweight and easy to handle, making it suitable for extended use.
  • Users appreciate the saw’s power for cutting through smaller trees and limbs.
  • The Hitachi CS33EB16 is praised for its durability and consistent performance.
  • It is described as a great tool for cutting firewood efficiently.
  • The Hitachi Chainsaw has received positive reviews for its reliability and ease of use.
  • Customers appreciate the 7-year warranty offered by Hitachi.
  • The CS33EB16 is recommended for both homeowners and professionals.
  • Users have found the Hitachi Chainsaw to be a good value for its price.
  • The saw’s automatic chain bar oil feature is mentioned as a minor issue due to excessive oil usage.



Negative Reviews: 


  • Several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the Hitachi CS33EB16 chainsaw.
  • Issues mentioned include poor performance, difficulty starting, and frequent stalling.
  • The instruction manual is criticized for being poorly written and difficult to understand.
  • Customers have reported missing optional pieces that were not mentioned at the time of purchase.
  • The chain oil pump is said to be faulty, causing oil to leak excessively and create a mess.
  • The saw’s engine is reported to struggle with even minimal resistance and performs poorly at higher altitudes.
  • Users have found the Hitachi Chainsaw to be underpowered and unable to cut through larger trees effectively.
  • Delivery delays and difficulties with warranty and returns have been mentioned.
  • Multiple customers have encountered issues with defective bars, including chains eating through them.
  • Some users regretted their purchase and expressed dissatisfaction with the overall quality and reliability of the Hitachi Chainsaw.



  • Affordable price
  • Commercial-grade engine for good cutting performance
  • Low emission 2-stroke engine technology
  • Anti-vibration system for comfort
  • Oregon bar and chain for reduced kickback
  • Inertia-activated chain brake for safety
  • Side access chain tensioner for easy adjustment
  • Some users experienced difficulty starting and frequent stalling
  • Issues with chain oil pump causing oil leakage
  • Underperformance at higher altitudes
  • Poorly written instruction manual
  • Reports of missing optional pieces
  • Mixed opinions on durability


2. Hitachi CS33EDTP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Top Handle Chain Saw:


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Introducing the Hitachi CS33EDTP 14-Inch 32.2cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Top Handle Chain Saw with PureFire Engine. This Hitachi Chainsawis designed for pruning, shaping, and hobby work, making it suitable for both homeowners and professionals. Powered by Hitachi’s 32.2cc, 1.6-horsepower PureFire low emission two-stroke engine, it delivers excellent cutting performance and reliability.

With a 14-inch sprocket-nosed guide bar and Oregon chain, this Hitachi Chainsaw offers precise cutting and reduced kickback. The advanced anti-vibration system reduces fatigue and provides maximum comfort during extended use, enhancing productivity. The side access chain tensioner allows for quick and convenient chain adjustment, ensuring optimal cutting efficiency.

Featuring a half throttle choke and purge primer bulb, the CS33EDTP is easy to start. It is equipped with a 9.9-ounce fuel tank and 6-ounce oil tank for long-lasting operation. Additionally, this Hitachi Chainsaw comes with a chain protective cover and a scrench (screwdriver/wrench combination) for added convenience.

The Hitachi CS33EDTP is CARB compliant, meeting emissions standards, and it comes with a 7-year consumer warranty, 2-year commercial warranty, and 1-year rental warranty. Hitachi Power Tools is renowned for its professional-grade tools, focusing on innovation and quality craftsmanship. With its reliable performance and durability, the CS33EDTP is a great choice for those seeking a high-performance Hitachi Chainsaw




  • Engine: 32.2cc PureFire low emission two-stroke engine
  • Power Output: 1.6 horsepower
  • Bar Length: 14 inches
  • Chain: Oregon chain
  • Anti-Vibration System: Advanced anti-vibration system
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 9.9 ounces
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 6 ounces
  • Additional Features: Half throttle choke, purge primer bulb, built-in lanyard ring
  • Warranty: 7-year consumer warranty, 2-year commercial warranty, 1-year rental warranty
  • Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 15.4 x 11.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 8.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Hitachi – Outdoor Power
  • Item Model Number: CS33EDTP
  • Customer Reviews: 3.9 out of 5 stars (18 ratings)


Customer Reviews :



Positive reviews :



  • Super easy to start
  • Good power for its size
  • Comparable to the Tanaka brand in terms of performance and reliability
  • Cold starts on the third pull without fail
  • Hot starts are a single pull
  • Suitable for pruning and cutting smaller trees
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Great value for the money
  • Starts easily right out of the box
  • Sufficient power for cutting small to medium trees
  • Reliable and durable
  • Great balance and quick start
  • Used by professionals and homeowners alike


Negative Reviews : 



  • The saw stopped working after minimal use and couldn’t be fixed. The user is unable to return it and considers it a waste of money.
  • The saw lacks torque and struggles to handle larger cutting tasks, especially in hardwoods. It tends to overheat and lose power, causing it to stall or bind up.
  • The plastic lanyard hook is poorly made and easily breaks off, potentially causing safety issues.


  • Easy to start, both when cold and hot.
  • Good power output for its size.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Reliable performance and durability.
  • Balanced design for comfortable operation.
  • Quick and convenient chain adjustment.
  • Low emission engine for reduced environmental impact.
  • Comes with a 7-year consumer warranty.
  • Lacks torque for heavy-duty cutting tasks.
  • May overheat and lose power after prolonged use.
  • Plastic lanyard hook is not durable.
  • Some users experienced issues with starting and fuel leakage.


3. Hitachi CS40EA18 18-Inch 40cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Rear Handle Chain Saw:


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The Hitachi CS40EA18 18-inch Rear-Handle Chain Saw is a powerful and reliable tool designed for homeowners and light-duty professional use. With its 40cc, 2.4-horsepower commercial-grade engine, this Hitachi Chainsaw delivers efficient cutting performance and is ideal for a range of tasks, from cutting firewood to general yard cleanup.

Equipped with an 18-inch Oregon bar and chain set, the saw ensures precise and controlled cuts with reduced kickback for enhanced safety. The side-access chain tensioner allows for quick and easy chain adjustments, saving you time and effort.

Featuring Hitachi’s S-Start system, the Hitachi Chainsaw requires less pull-force to start by 50%, reducing strain on your body. The PureFire low-emission two-stroke engine technology not only minimizes fumes but also makes the saw CARB Tier III compliant, meeting environmental standards.

Designed for user comfort, the Hitachi Chainsaw incorporates an anti-vibration system that reduces fatigue during prolonged use. The lightweight body and convenient D-style rear handle further enhance maneuverability and control.

Backed by a generous warranty, the Hitachi CS40EA18 18-inch Rear-Handle Chain Saw is a reliable tool that combines power, efficiency, and user-friendly features to tackle various cutting tasks with ease.



  • Engine: 40cc, 2.4-horsepower commercial-grade engine
  • Bar Length: 18 inches
  • Chain Type: Oregon bar and chain set
  • Pitch: 3/8 inch
  • Starting System: Hitachi S-Start system with purge primer bulb
  • Chain Brake: Inertia-activated chain brake for user safety
  • Chain Tensioner: Side-access chain tensioner for quick and easy adjustments
  • Emission Compliance: CARB Tier III compliant for low emissions
  • Anti-Vibration System: Five-point anti-vibration system for increased user comfort
  • Handle Type: Rear handle with D-style grip
  • Weight: 9.7 pounds (powerhead only)
  • Warranty: 7-year consumer warranty, 2-year commercial warranty, 1-year rental warranty


Customer Reviews : 


Positive Reviews:


  • Cuts through wood with plenty of power and efficiency


  • Low vibration design for comfortable operation


  • Smooth cutting experience, feels like a hot knife through butter


  • Automatic half throttle choke for easy starting


  • Available service manual for reference and troubleshooting


  • Good value for the price compared to other brands


  • Greaseable bar tip bearing for longevity


  • Ample fuel capacity for extended run time



  • Performs well on a variety of tree types, including hardwoods



  • Positive experience cutting up multiple trees and branches


  • Quality saw with impressive chip-throwing capability


Negative Reviews:


  • Tensioner screw broke after two years of use


  • Unfriendly warranty process, requiring shipping or long travel to service center


  • No option to purchase replacement parts directly


  • Saw arrived damaged and in poor condition


  • Constant need for repairs and lengthy waiting times


  • Chain does not engage or run properly


  • Difficulty starting and overheating issues


  • Refuses to start or work properly


  • Overheats and shuts off during heavy use


  • Product quality does not meet expectations



  • Commercial-grade engine with good cutting power
  • 18-inch Oregon bar and chain for efficient cutting
  • S-Start feature reduces pull-force required to start the unit
  • Side access chain tensioner for quick and easy adjustments
  • CARB Tier III compliant for low emissions
  • Issues with starting and maintaining running condition
  • Chain puller/tensioner prone to breaking
  • Limited carburetor adjustment options
  • Chain tightening issues, leading to binding or chain coming off
  • Customer service and warranty process can be difficult and unsatisfactory



In conclusion, when looking for the best Hitachi chainsaw to buy on Amazon in 2023, it is important to consider the overall performance and customer experiences. While Hitachi offers a range of Hitachi Chainsaw models, there are certain factors to keep in mind.

One standout option is the Hitachi CS40EA18 18-inch Rear-Handle Chain Saw. It features a commercial-grade engine, an Oregon bar and chain, and a side-access chain tensioner for quick adjustments. The PureFire low-emission two-stroke engine technology ensures cleaner operation, making it CARB Tier III compliant. Additionally, the anti-vibration system and lightweight design enhance user comfort during extended use.

However, it is crucial to note the mixed customer experiences with Hitachi chainsaws. Some users have reported difficulties with starting, running, and maintaining their Hitachi Chainsaw. Issues with chain tensioning, warranty processes, and customer service have also been raised.

Ultimately, thorough research and consideration of individual needs are vital before making a purchase. It may be beneficial to compare customer reviews, features, and warranty terms across different Hitachi chainsaw models and even consider alternative brands to ensure the best Hitachi Chainsaw for your specific requirements.


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Related FAQ:

Question: Which Hitachi chainsaw model offers a commercial-grade engine and an 18-inch Oregon bar and chain?

Answer: The Hitachi chainsaw model that offers a commercial-grade engine and an 18-inch Oregon bar and chain is the Hitachi CS40EA18 18-inch Rear-Handle Chain Saw. This chainsaw is designed for cutting firewood or performing yard cleanup tasks.


Question: Is the Hitachi CS40EA18 chainsaw compliant with CARB regulations?

Answer: Yes, the Hitachi CS40EA18 chainsaw is compliant with CARB (California Air Resources Board) regulations. It meets the CARB Tier III emission standards, making it environmentally friendly and suitable for use in California.


Question: What are some features that enhance user comfort during extended use?

Answer: The Hitachi CS40EA18 chainsaw is equipped with features that enhance user comfort during extended use. It incorporates an anti-vibration system, which reduces the amount of vibration transmitted to the user’s hands and arms, minimizing fatigue. Additionally, its lightweight body allows for easier maneuverability and reduces user strain during prolonged operation.


Question: What are some common issues reported by customers regarding Hitachi chainsaws on Amazon?

Answer: Customers have reported several common issues with Hitachi chainsaws on Amazon. These include difficulties with starting and running the chainsaws, problems with chain tensioning, challenges with warranty processes, and concerns about customer service.


Question: Is the Hitachi CS40EA18 chainsaw backed by a warranty?

Answer: Yes, the Hitachi CS40EA18 chainsaw comes with a warranty. It is backed by a seven-year consumer warranty for non-professional use. This warranty provides coverage for potential defects or issues that may arise during the specified period, giving customers peace of mind and protection for their purchase.


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