4 Best Mcculloch Chainsaw To Buy On Amazon (Review 2023)

Best Mcculloch Chainsaw have a rich history spanning over 70 years, making them one of the most well-established and trusted brands in the industry. Founded by Robert McCulloch, the company introduced its first chainsaw in 1943, setting the stage for their commitment to producing high-quality products at affordable prices. Notably, McCulloch revolutionized the industry by designing the first lightweight chainsaw powered by an internal combustion engine in 1949, which quickly became a global best-seller.

Over the years, McCulloch has continued to refine and innovate their chainsaw designs, focusing on improving performance, durability, and user-friendliness. In 1999, the European division of McCulloch was acquired by Husqvarna AB, followed by the sale of the North American division nine years later. Today, McCulloch offers a diverse range of gas and electric-powered chainsaws that cater to the needs of both professionals and homeowners.

If you’re considering purchasing a McCulloch chainsaw, you can expect a reliable and reputable product backed by decades of experience and expertise in the field. In the following sections, we’ll explore some of the best McCulloch chainsaws available on Amazon, offering you a comprehensive overview of their features and capabilities.

Mcculloch Chainsaw

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Best Mcculloch Chainsaw Review


1- CS 340 – Best McCulloch Chainsaw (Overall):

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The McCulloch CS 340 Chainsaw is a highly regarded option and a customer favorite among the brand’s offerings. With its impressive technical specifications and features, this chainsaw delivers outstanding performance.

Powered by a 1300 W engine, the CS 340 Mcculloch Chainsaw provides ample power for various cutting tasks. With a remarkable speed of 9000 revolutions per minute (rpm), it ensures optimal efficiency. It can reach a maximum chain speed of 20 m/s, enabling swift and precise cutting.

The Mcculloch Chainsaw features a cylinder capacity of 34.4 cc, and its oil tank has a generous capacity of 200 ml. The recommended chain thickness is 1.3 mm, and it is compatible with a 35 to 40 cm bar length. The CS 340 is equipped with the OxyPower system, designed to reduce energy consumption by 20% compared to conventional chainsaws, while also being environmentally friendly.

In addition to its impressive performance, the CS 340 offers several advantages. It is a branded chainsaw known for its reliability and durability. The large oil reservoir allows for extended periods of use without frequent refills. The lightweight and compact design, weighing 5.2 kg without cutting equipment, ensures ease of handling. The chainsaw also features convenient storage under the handle for additional tools and an electronic soft start ignition for effortless starting.

Furthermore, the CS 340 exhibits reduced vibrations when in operation, contributing to a more comfortable user experience. The easy chain tensioning mechanism simplifies maintenance tasks, and the fuel window provides visibility of the remaining fuel.



  • Power: 1300 W
  • Revolutions per minute: 9000 rpm
  • Engine displacement: 34.4 cc
  • Maximum chain speed: 20 m/s
  • Mix tank capacity: 250 ml
  • Oil tank capacity: 200 ml
  • Chain thickness: 1.3 mm
  • Bar length (recommended): 35 to 40 cm
  • Weight: 8.04 kg
  • Weight (without cutting equipment): 5.2 kg
  • Product dimensions: 49 x 30.2 x 27.2 cm



Customer Reviews: 


Positive Reviews: 



  • Definitely good for the money.
  • Super fast and easy to start.
  • Cuts like a saw should. Highly recommend.
  • Surprisingly powerful for its size.
  • Starts every time and looks the part.
  • Robust and reliable performance.
  • Great tool for logging and cutting wood.
  • Easy to use and adjust the chain tension.
  • Compact and excellent power-to-weight ratio.



Negative Reviews: 


  • Garbage! Wouldn’t start no matter what I tried.
  • First one broke literally the first time I tried to start the engine.
  • Unusable as no fittings supplied for the Spike Bumper. Poor customer service.
  • Developed a fault with the fuel delivery and became harder and harder to start.
  • Failed quickly and with little use.




  • Good value for the money.
  • Fast and easy to start.
  • Cuts effectively and as expected.
  • Surprisingly powerful for its size.
  • Robust and reliable performance.
  • Suitable for logging and cutting wood.
  • Easy chain tension adjustment.
  • Compact design with a favorable power-to-weight ratio.
  • Some users reported difficulties starting the chainsaw.
  • A few customers experienced issues with the fuel delivery.
  • One user mentioned a broken cord on the first use.
  • Lack of fittings supplied for the Spike Bumper.
  • Limited warranty coverage.
  • One user had to replace the ignition module, which was costly.

2- McCulloch MSCS360T – Best Value for Money:

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The McCulloch MSCS360T is a chainsaw that offers a compelling quality-to-price ratio, making it an attractive option for those seeking a balance between performance and affordability. With a power output of 1400 W, this chainsaw is capable of handling professional tasks, although it may not be suitable for intensive use.

The engine of the MSCS360T operates at 9000 rpm, ensuring optimal performance for various cutting jobs. It features a gasoline tank with a capacity of 300 ml and an engine displacement of 36 cc, providing sufficient fuel and power for the intended applications.

With a maximum chain speed of 22.9 m/s and a chain thickness of 1.3 mm, this chainsaw delivers efficient and precise cutting. The recommended bar length ranges from 34 to 40 cm, offering versatility for different cutting needs.

The MSCS360T incorporates the OxyPower system, designed to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact. It also features a two-stroke engine, an electronic soft start ignition, and a tool-free chain tensioner for ease of use and maintenance.

Additionally, this chainsaw includes a large oil reservoir, automatic chain lubrication, and a chain brake for added safety during operation.

While the MSCS360T offers impressive features and performance, it is important to note that it may not be suitable for intensive and heavy-duty cutting tasks. Additionally, it may not be suitable for cutting all types of wood, so it’s important to consider the specific requirements of your projects.




  • Power: 1400 W
  • Revolutions per minute: 9000 rpm
  • Engine displacement: 36 cc
  • Maximum chain speed: 22.9 m/s
  • Fuel tank capacity: 300 ml
  • Oil tank capacity: 200 ml
  • Chain thickness: 1.3 mm
  • Bar length (recommended): 35 to 40 cm
  • Weight: 8.04 kg
  • Weight (without cutting equipment): 5.5 kg
  • Product dimensions: 81.3 x 29.8 x 30.8 cm


Customer Reviews: 



Positive Reviews: 



  • An excellent item. Easy fix for a pull cord issue.
  • Surprisingly powerful and able to cut through almost the entire length of the bar.
  • Great value for money. Well-made and performs well on small garden work.
  • Easy to start and lightweight for extended use.
  • Flawless performance, great size for around the garden, and good on fuel.
  • Worked really well, easy to dismantle and clean for maintenance.
  • Easy to start, runs smoothly, and performs well on various cutting tasks.
  • Brilliant piece of kit at a reasonable price, performs as expected.
  • Highly delighted with the chainsaw, working perfectly for pruning trees.
  • Still going strong after years of use, easy to start and



Negative Reviews: 


  • Extremely difficult to start, cuts out after a few minutes.
  • Persistent starting and running issues, disappointing performance.
  • Chainsaw constantly cutting out and running poorly, requiring professional attention.
  • Difficult to start, stalls under load, not reliable for occasional users.
  • Difficult to start, frequently cuts out, poor performance compared to other brands.
  • Underpowered engine, lacking in performance.
  • Frustrating to start, stalls within seconds, unreliable even after servicing.
  • Piston ring failure within a few months of use, multiple starting and running issues.
  • Chain brake prone to breaking, safety concerns, not worth the cost.
  • Components not fit for purpose, frequent repairs needed, unsatisfactory performance.


  • Branded and reputable manufacturer.
  • Powerful performance for small to medium cutting tasks.
  • Easy to start and use.
  • Tool-free chain tensioning for convenient adjustments.
  • Good value for money.
  • Some users experienced difficulties with starting and running the chainsaw.
  • Reliability issues reported by a few customers.
  • Chain brake and other components may have durability concerns.
  • Underpowered engine for more demanding cutting tasks.
  • Potential need for frequent maintenance and repairs.


3- McCulloch CSE 2040 – Best Cheap McCulloch Chainsaw:

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When it comes to finding a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality and performance, the Mcculloch Chainsaw CSE 2040 Chainsaw is an excellent choice. This chainsaw is highly regarded for its affordability within the brand’s lineup.

With a power output of 2000W and an engine speed of 9000 revolutions per minute, the Mcculloch Chainsaw CSE 2040 delivers ample power for various cutting tasks. Despite its power, this chainsaw remains relatively lightweight compared to other models in its class, weighing just 3.5 kg without the cutting equipment and 4.1 kg with it.

The 40 cm long blade ensures efficient cutting, and the chain speed can reach up to 13.5 m/s, allowing for smooth and fast cutting performance. Additionally, the CSE 2040 features a 240 ml oil reservoir to keep the chain lubricated during operation.

Considering its affordability and beginner-friendly features, the Mcculloch Chainsaw CSE 2040 is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable chainsaw without breaking the bank.


  • Power output: 2000W
  • Engine speed: 9000 RPM
  • Weight (without cutting equipment): 3.5 kg
  • Weight (with cutting equipment): 4.1 kg
  • Blade length: 40 cm
  • Chain speed: Up to 13.5 m/s
  • Oil reservoir capacity: 240 ml


Customer Reviews : 


Positive Reviews: 



  • WOW is all I can say – simply buy this! Fantastic results, much quieter and lighter than a petrol chainsaw.
  • Cuts like a knife through butter! Smooth cutting, plenty of power, and great visual quality.
  • So much less hassle than my petrol saw. Easy to use, no need to mix fuel, and a good safety guard.
  • Great chainsaw. Fast cutting, easy to handle, and a very good safety brake. A great buy.
  • Why did I persist with Bosch for so long? Powerful, rips through logs with ease, and already assembled.
  • Did the job I wanted it for. Good power, but chain may need sharpening and requires oil for lubrication.
  • Cracking chainsaw. Very powerful, larger than expected. Highly recommend.
  • Brilliant piece of kit. Very pleased, cuts hedges with no bother.
  • The Mcculloch Chainsaw was perfect. Did the job with ease and, as long as you keep the oil topped up, is still going strong after the event.
  • This chainsaw is just brilliant! Efficient, powerful, and does the job perfectly.


Negative Reviews: 


  • Be careful! No guarantee with this product. Unable to register online, customer service line is unresponsive.
  • Is it me or the saw!! Had more success with a hand saw, takes a long time to cut through small branches.
  • Not with a barge pole….. Absolutely hopeless, doesn’t cut effectively, goes through a lot of oil. Better off using a hand saw.



  • Fantastic cutting performance
  • Quieter and lighter than petrol chainsaws
  • No hassle of mixing fuel
  • Easy to handle and maneuver
  • Good safety features
  • Reliable and durable
  • May require regular chain sharpening
  • Oil reservoir needs to be topped up regularly
  • Limited mobility due to electric power source
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty or professional use


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In conclusion, when it comes to the best McCulloch chainsaws available on Amazon in 2023, there are three standout options that offer excellent performance and value for money. The Mcculloch Chainsaw MSCS340 is a compact and powerful chainsaw that is ideal for logging and cutting wood. It offers easy chain tension adjustment and reliable performance.

For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Mcculloch Chainsaw CSE 2040 is a great choice. Despite its affordable price, it still delivers impressive power and cutting performance. With its lightweight design and easy handling, it is a suitable chainsaw for beginners and occasional users.

Lastly, the Mcculloch Chainsaw CSE 240 is a versatile electric chainsaw with a 40 cm blade length. It provides a good balance between power and maneuverability, making it suitable for various cutting tasks in the garden.

Overall, these three Mcculloch Chainsaw  offer reliability, ease of use, and excellent cutting performance. Whether you need a chainsaw for professional use or occasional home projects, these models are worth considering for their quality and value.


Related FAQ:


Question : Which McCulloch chainsaw model is recommended for logging and cutting wood?

Answer: The McCulloch MSCS340 is specifically recommended for logging and cutting wood due to its power and performance. With its robust engine and high chain speed, it can handle demanding tasks involved in logging and cutting larger wood pieces.

Question :What is a budget-friendly option among the McCulloch chainsaws?

Answer: The Mcculloch Chainsaw CSE 2040 is considered a budget-friendly option among the McCulloch chainsaws. Despite its affordability, it still offers reliable performance and a decent power output suitable for various cutting tasks.

Question :Which McCulloch chainsaw is suitable for beginners and occasional users?

Answer: The McCulloch CSE 2040 is particularly suitable for beginners and occasional users. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and designed with user-friendly features that make it more approachable for those who may not have much experience with chainsaws.

Question :What is the blade length of the McCulloch CSE 240 electric chainsaw?

Answer: The Mcculloch Chainsaw CSE 240 electric chainsaw has a blade length of 40 cm. This length provides a good balance between maneuverability and cutting capacity, making it versatile for a range of cutting applications.

Question :What are some common features of these McCulloch chainsaws?

Answer: Common features found in these McCulloch chainsaws include reliability, ease of use, and excellent cutting performance. They are designed to be durable and user-friendly, with features such as tool-free chain tensioning and automatic chain lubrication. Additionally, they often incorporate safety features like chain brakes to ensure user protection during operation. These chainsaws are known for their consistent performance and ability to handle various cutting tasks effectively.


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