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AL-KO has a history of nearly eight decades. Founded in 1931, today it is a large concern with more than 40 manufacturing subsidiaries around the world. One of the main areas of activity of the company is gardening equipment. High-quality AL-KO products have long occupied a prominent place in the specialized markets of many countries.



AL-KO BKS 40/40 II


ENGINE: 40 cm3
POWER: 1.5 kW (2.1 HP)
CHAIN: 3/8″
CHAIN ​​LUBRICATION: pump – automatic; oil tank volume – 0.15 l
THE WEIGHT: 5.4 kg
SECURITY: automatic chain brake; anti-vibration system; Quick-Stop system

The BKS 40/40 II chainsaw complies with the EPA II standard set by the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that the content of toxic substances in the exhaust gases does not exceed the established standards (by the way, very strict). That is, the saw meets the current environmental safety requirements.

The model is designed for a wide range of works at a summer cottage or on a farm. Although it belongs to the household class, some of the features will also be appreciated by fans of professional technology. For example, a motor is designed for long-term operation, including in rather harsh conditions: a metal crankcase, a special chromium-nickel coating of the cylinder, which reduces the wear of the connecting rod-piston group elements – all this adds up to a high service life. The primer for priming fuel simplifies starting the engine – the user does not have to repeatedly pull the starter cord. You can check the condition of the air filter without additional tools – the cover can be easily removed with “bare” hands.

High cutting speed is ensured by an efficient drive train and 3/8 ” pitch chain. The automatic oil supply system prevents overheating and damage to the saw headset.

Saw-mounted Oregon bars and chains ensure high performance and durability. The automatic brake will instantly stop the chain if you try to kick it back. The anti-vibration system consists of three steel springs and a rubber shock absorber. The curved front handle is equally comfortable when making cuts in both horizontal and vertical planes. The metal stop located at the base of the bar will be useful for securing the saw when sawing or bucking.

AL-KO KE 2200/40

Chain saw

CHAIN: 3/8″
CHAIN ​​LUBRICATION: pump – automatic; oil tank volume – 0.2 l
SECURITY: automatic chain brake; anti-vibration system; Quick-Stop system

A farm-class saw equipped with a very powerful motor (for 2200 W electric saws it is practically a “ceiling”). The model has a 40 cm “running” tire. This length is optimal for most jobs – not too long to overload the engine, and not too small to make it difficult to cut thick trunks.

Serious technical parameters allow the electric saw to solve most of the tasks that may arise in everyday life. This includes delimbing, and harvesting firewood, and sawing thick enough workpieces, and construction work, where higher accuracy is needed. Cutting blade speed – 10 m / s.

The model is equipped with a bar and chain manufactured by Oregon. Thanks to the quick chain tensioning system, which allows this operation to be carried out without the use of a wrench or screwdriver, the saw is more convenient to use than models with a conventional tensioner design. The automatic chain brake is responsible for safety. There is a clutch, so that if the chain gets stuck, the engine will not suffer.

AL-KO Silent Power 4000

Garden waste shredder

PURPOSE: shredder of branches, twigs and soft vegetation, including fruits
ENGINE: electric; power consumption – 2.2 kW
FLOW DIAMETER (max.): 40 mm
PRICE: RUB 17 600

The AL-KO catalog contains several shredders designed for different tasks. With their help, garden waste is disposed of – branches and twigs remaining after pruning trees and shrubs, fallen leaves, spoiled fruits, as well as weeds. Garden waste is an excellent raw material for composting, and pre-crushing speeds up the process of converting it into valuable fertilizer many times over.

The Silent Power 4000 model is equipped with a 2.2 kW electric motor and is capable of “gnawing” old tough branches up to 40 mm in diameter. Such a shredder is optimal for use in large gardens and parks – in summer cottages “6 acres” it will stand idle more than work.

The cutting roll acts as a working mechanism. The ingenious slitting system with longitudinal splitting is able to chop not only thick branches, but also bark, small branches and leaves. That is, the material that the shredder is usually unable to process. The long service life of the mechanism is guaranteed by the hardened steel cutting teeth.

Reverse the direction of rotation of the motor to free the swath of debris. This is done by pressing a button on the control panel. By the way, the roller mechanism works with a very low noise level.

The material to be crushed is placed in a wide and convenient receiving funnel. The model is quite compact (its “height” is only 89 cm) and mobile, it is convenient to move it around the garden area.

AL-KO KHS 3700/ LHS 5500

Horizontal/vertical electric breakers


UMPTION: 1800/3000 W
POLENA LENGTH (max.): 37/105 cm
PISTON FORCE: 4 / 5.5 t
THE WEIGHT: 35/86 kg
PECULIARITIES: table height adjustment (LHS 5500); limiting the piston stroke (LHS 5500); safe control of two levers
PRICE: 11 210/29 760 rub.

Electric wood splitters are still exotic on the Russian market. Unfortunately, few people know about the existence of such a technique, but its popularity is slowly growing.

The KHS 3700 and LHS 5500 models are the youngest in the AL-KO horizontal and vertical wood splitter line, respectively. The purpose of the devices is clear from the name – “cutting” ready-made logs of various lengths for firewood for a stove, fireplace, solid fuel boiler … but even a fire – what’s the difference? The point is not “where to put the firewood,” but that with a large amount of work, such a unit will be much more convenient than the usual manual cleaver.

Model KHS 3700 – with a horizontal base frame that acts as a table. There is a strong welded wedge at one end of the frame, and a piston at the other, which pushes the prepared log onto this wedge. The powerful 1800 watt engine delivers four tonnes of piston force. The KHS 3700 is ideal for cutting wood from 20 to 37 cm in length.


The wood splitter is controlled by two levers, and they must be pressed simultaneously. This is done on purpose – both hands of the operator are busy with control, therefore they are away from the danger zone. The selection of a comfortable working height is possible thanks to the removable legs, their position is adjusted depending on the situation. Wide tires make it easy to move the wood splitter on a relief surface (ground, slabs, gravel).

The LHS 5500 vertical log splitter is interesting in that it has the ability to adjust the height of the wood table. It can be installed in three positions, varying the length of the logs – 55, 88 or 105 cm. The vertical model is also controlled by two levers.

There is a quick-locking screw to limit the piston stroke. Stops help to fix even thin and tilted logs.

When the machine is installed on the surface, the support legs provide stability. They are made reclining so as not to interfere with storage or transportation.


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