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Elitech: www.elitech-tools.ruThe Elitech brand has been on the market since 2008 and has already gained popularity among consumers. This has been fueled by Elitech’s commitment to providing only reliable, quality products at affordable prices.

The range of the brand covers both professional and household segments. The lineup is constantly expanding. Products are developed in Russia, manufactured in factories equipped with a multi-level quality control system and have proven themselves in working with world famous brands. Service maintenance in Russia is carried out by more than 100 authorized service centers.

Chainsaw Elitech CHAIN ​​2000 PS 40

Elitech CEP 2000 PS 40

Chain saw

CHAIN: 3/8»
CHAIN ​​LUBRICATION: pump – automatic; oil tank volume – 0.2 l
THE WEIGHT: 5.6 kg
SECURITY: automatic chain brake

A powerful electric saw with a “classic” set of functional features, perfect for the role of a “tool for all occasions” in the country house. The layout is transverse, which made the design quite simple.

A 2 kW motor is installed on the tool – this is a significant indicator for an electric saw. The saw headset includes a 40 cm Oregon bar (the most popular size) and a 3/8 ”pitch chain. The chain speed is relatively high – 13.5 m / s.

The set of “features” is called “classic” for a reason – there is everything that is needed. User safety is ensured by an automatic chain brake. For the convenience of checking the oil level, there is a transparent window in the tank. There is an overheating indicator located on the saw body (it lights up when the engine overheats), as well as an electronic overload protection. The ergonomic body increases the maneuverability of the tool.

Separately, it is worth noting the electronic soft start system – a function for a saw of such power is by no means superfluous. Smooth start-up is especially important in rural areas, where the wiring is usually in a dilapidated state and is not designed for such loads.

Бензокоса Elitech T 1250 B

Elitech T 1250 B


ENGINE: 2-stroke; power – 1.25 kW (1.7 hp); volume – 43 cm3
CUTTING EQUIPMENT: semi-automatic reel with 2.5 mm line; metal knife
CUT DIAMETER: fishing line – 43 cm; knife – 23 cm
THE WEIGHT: 7.2 kg

The Elitech T 1250 B scythe, equipped with a 1.7 hp “two-stroke”, is designed for a large amount of work. The scythe is universal, “omnivorous” thanks to a straight bar with an angular gearbox. This technical solution allows you to use a reel with a thick line (2.5 mm), and a metal knife (the set includes a four-blade). So, neither tough weeds, nor weeds and bushes can resist the scythe. And with a fishing line it is convenient to cut soft grass or mow thickets close to fences, walls, benches.

The benzokos is a serious and rather heavy apparatus, therefore, for convenience, it was equipped with an asymmetric (with an extended right handle) bicycle-type handle. The controls are located directly under the operator’s fingers. A wide shoulder strap is provided to distribute the load. Vibration is reduced by a special coupling. The bar is collapsible to make it easier to transport the tool.

Electric scythe Elitech ET 1000Elitech ET 1000


ENGINE: electric, power consumption – 1 kW
CUTTING EQUIPMENT: semi-automatic reel with 2 mm line; metal knife
GRIP WIDTH: fishing line – 43 cm, knife – 23 cm

Electric scythes are among the most popular garden tools, which is due to their availability, ease of operation and unpretentious maintenance – it is important for many that they do not have to deal with fuel mixtures, filters and candles. In addition, some electric braids can compete in power and performance with gasoline-powered counterparts.

For example, on the Elitech ET 1000 model, a 1 kW motor is installed – this is a solid indicator. In addition, it is equipped with a straight bar with an angular gearbox, which means that not only a reel with a fishing line, but also a metal knife can be used with it as a standard “weapon”. All this will allow you to cope with tough vegetation, for example, weeds. The line reel is semi-automatic, to renew the worn out cord it is enough to lightly slap the rotating reel on the ground, thereby pressing the button releasing the latches. A new portion of the line flies out under the action of centrifugal force, the excess will be cut off by the knife installed on the protective casing.

The scythe is equipped with a soft starter, which will help to avoid a sharp jump in power consumption at start.

For convenience during long-term use, a shoulder strap and a comfortable D-shaped handle with soft pads are provided. The collapsible bar will save space when transporting and storing the device.

Gas powered rotary lawn mower Elitech K 3000 BElitech K 3000 B

Gas powered rotary lawn mower

ENGINE: Briggs&Stratton 500; 4 л.с.
OPERATING MODES: collection in a collection box, mulching
CUT WIDTH: 48 cm
HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: centralized in the range of 25–80 mm; 7 steps of adjustment

Elitech K 3000 B is a petrol powered lawn mower, the most optimal “role” for which is to work on lawns of small and medium area. The machine is budgetary, so it will certainly interest users who need not “bells and whistles” from lawn technology, but a simple, convenient design and a high-quality work result.

The mower was equipped with a rather powerful and economical 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton 500 with 4 hp. – this is quite enough to cope with the arising loads. The cutting width is 48 cm, there are two modes of operation – the mowed grass is either sent to a spacious grass catcher (volume 60 l), or mulched. The latter means that the machine, when mowing, crushes the grass, repeatedly chopping it, and turns it into natural fertilizer, which remains on the lawn.

The cutting height is set centrally using a lever on the body. In the range of 25–80 mm, there are seven steps of adjustment, so that the selection of the required height will not be a problem.

Rubber wheels for a soft ride on the grass, and the rear pair is larger than the front, which is convenient when maneuvering on uneven surfaces.

The low weight allows you to move the mower effortlessly (the machine is “pushed”, no wheel drive). Folding handle.

Electric rotary lawn mower Elitech EK 1600Elitech EK 1600

Electric rotary lawn mower

ENGINE: electric; 1.6KW
OPERATING MODES: back discharge, collection into the grass catcher
CUT WIDTH: 38 cm
HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: axial within 25–55 mm; 3 steps of adjustment
THE WEIGHT: 14.5 kg

The main advantage of the model is its functional simplicity and affordability, which will be appreciated by prudent owners. This electric motor mower is ideal for working on medium to small areas in those cases where powerful and efficient gas-powered mowers are simply not needed. Such machines are often called “summer cottages”.

The Elitech EK 1600 can handle a 38 cm wide lawn strip – a modest figure but sufficient.

Structurally, the machine is very simple, easy to operate – even an unprepared person who, say, is just beginning to master the work of lawn mowers, can deal with it. The mower leaves the cut grass on the lawn or collects it in an easily removable 35 liter plastic grass catcher. The cutting height is set by moving the wheel axles to the desired position. This operation takes up little time. There are three levels of adjustment: 25, 40 and 55 mm.

The compact mower is lightweight (less than 15 kg), so elderly people who are not suitable for heavy loads can easily handle it.

The body is made of lightweight, but durable polypropylene, it is easy to clean it after work from the remnants of cut grass, and it will take a little time. The handle can be folded down for easy storage and transport of the tool.


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