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Gardening equipment of the German company Ikra Mogatec, known since 1977, is a success in Europe. It is becoming more and more widespread in Russia as well. The fame of this brand was brought primarily by high-quality and inexpensive electric scythes and trimmers, electric chain saws and electric brush cutters. The range of the company’s products is very diverse: in addition to those already mentioned, these are electric cultivators, garden vacuum cleaners, battery shears, chain chainsaws, petrol cutters, garden shredders, and verticutters. Most of the Ikra power tools are made in Germany, which guarantees the traditionally high quality.

It should be added that since 2008 Ikra Mogatec has been producing the best samples of its products under the Tonino Lamborghini trademark. The characteristic features of the technology of this brand are the desire for innovation, elegant and bold design.

Exclusive representative of the Ikra Mogatec company in the Russian market – company “SAD and Wheel”.

Ikra RT 3003 DA

Electric trimmer

ENGINE: electric; power consumption – 335 W
CUTTING EQUIPMENT: semiautomatic reel Tap & Go “DA” with 1.4 mm line
GRIP WIDTH (max.): 24 cm
PECULIARITIES: additional handle

The Ikra RT 3003 DA model belongs not only to the class of light electric trimmers, but rather to the ultra-light category: the trimmer is equipped with a 335 W electric motor and weighs only 1.6 kg – these are very modest figures. However, the capabilities of the model are quite enough to perform simple work at the summer cottage. It can be used to cut soft young grass or trim the lawns after the passage of more powerful and efficient lawn mowers, to bring beauty to the country lawns. It should be borne in mind that mowing weeds or hard grass is not a specialty of the device.

Structurally, the trimmer is very simple, it is a classic device produced at the Mogatec plant (Saxony). The control of the device is simple. The RT 3003 DA is equipped with a 1.4mm line semi-automatic reel, to replace the worn out line it is enough to lightly hit the bottom of the reel on the ground.

The maximum cutting width in one pass is 24 cm. The model is very light, so it is not difficult to work with it. However, for greater comfort, an additional handle is provided, which will allow better control of the process.

Ikra KSI 2150-40

Chain saw

CHAIN: 3/8’’, Oregon
CHAIN ​​LUBRICATION: pump – automatic; oil tank volume – 0.15 l
THE WEIGHT: 4.7 kg
SECURITY: automatic chain brake

A chain saw made in Germany is capable of solving a fairly wide range of tasks that can arise in gardening. For example, sawing boards or logs that are not too thick. The power reserve, as well as the technical capabilities for this, the model has enough.

The numbers in the marking of the Ikra KSI 2150-40 model indicate the main parameters of the tool. The model is equipped with a high power motor for electric saws – 2150 W. We also add here the “Oregon” tire 40 cm long. There is no need to use additional equipment to tension it – this operation is toolless. It is performed using a side tensioner, the design of which is patented by the saw manufacturer. The chain is tightened by rotating the red knob on the cover.

Otherwise, the technical equipment of the electric saw is classic: automatic chain lubrication, an inertial motor brake for quick stopping (triggered by contact with the protective shield), overload protection, a sight glass for monitoring the oil level. Naturally, a metal toothed stop is provided.

The layout of the electric saw is transverse, i.e. the motor is located transversely in relation to the sawing line. With this arrangement, the saw fits most comfortably in the user’s hand, with less stress on the shoulders and back.

The combination of high power with good ergonomics, as well as ease of operation, allow this saw to be used for solving any tasks, even with intensive use, typical, for example, for farming.

Ikra AHS 4518 Li

Cordless brush cutter

BATTERY: Li-Ion; voltage – 18 V; capacity – 1.1 A * h
CUTTING EQUIPMENT: double-sided brush cutter; cut step – 15 mm
CUT LENGTH (max.): 45 cm
THE WEIGHT: 3.2 kg
PECULIARITIES: blocking accidental activation; electronic brake; transparent front screen to protect the operator’s hand; additional D-shaped handle; rubberized main handle

The Ikra AHS 4518 Li model is perfect for the maintenance of trees, fruit and ornamental shrubs and hedges. The device will undoubtedly find a place in the arsenal of summer residents and owners of other “land” who have to monitor the appearance of their green spaces.

It is a fairly lightweight and compact tool with high mobility. The brush cutter is not tied to a household power supply, as it is powered by a battery. It has a powerful lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 18 V and a capacity of 1.1 A * h. According to the manufacturer, a fully charged battery will last about 25 minutes. Modern Li-Ion batteries do not have the notorious “memory effect”, are practically not subject to self-discharge and have high power characteristics with modest dimensions.

The hedge trimmer is equipped with a 50 cm long metal cutting blade with a 15 mm pitch. The maximum cutting length is 45 cm. The model has two handles, the main one with a soft pad. Protection against accidental activation is provided: in order for the device to start, it is necessary to press simultaneously the triggers on both handles.

If you release one of them, the blade will lock. The additional handle is D-shaped, which not only gives the entire apparatus an elegant look, but also protects the operator’s hand from branches and thorns. In addition, for protection, there is a transparent shield-shield located in front of the additional handle.

Tonino Lamborghini HS 6050 D: electric brush cutterTonino Lamborghini HS 6050 D

Electric brush cutter

ENGINE: electric; power consumption – 500 W
CUTTING EQUIPMENT: double-sided brush cutter; cut step – 22 mm
CUT LENGTH (max.): 55 cm
THE WEIGHT: 3.1 kg
PECULIARITIES: overload protection; blocking accidental activation; electronic brake; transparent front screen to protect the operator’s hand; rotary main handle; additional D-handle
PRICE: RUB 6,999

Among domestic gardeners, the culture of cultivating hedges is spreading at a fairly rapid pace. More and more people are decorating their sites. Consequently, the demand for the appropriate equipment is also growing – garden shears and brush cutters.

Brush cutters are a real “visiting card” of Ikra Mogatec, and the best models of them are made under the Tonino Lamborghini brand. Premium products are distinguished by high-quality workmanship, reliability (“made in Germany”) and expressive appearance with sexy elements (“design in Italy”). The assortment of the brand includes several hedge trimmers, of which two models are supplied to Russia.

The Lamborghini HS 6050 D model reviewed here is a fairly powerful brushcutter equipped with a 500 W electric motor. Its power is quite enough to work with blades 60 cm long, which are installed on the device. Modern technologies of laser cutting and hardening of knives with subsequent diamond sharpening make it possible to make the blade of high quality and durable. The brush cutter is equipped with a patented overload protection, which in the event of an abnormal situation will stop the engine, which will save the resource of the tool and prevent damage to parts.

The brushcutter weighs comparatively little, so it is convenient for them to work by weight – this is important for volumetric pruning of shrubs and trees. The tool has two handles: an ergonomic main handle with a switch and an accidental start lock button, as well as a front D-shaped handle.

A safety system is provided: to start the engine, you must simultaneously pull the triggers on both handles. Otherwise, the blade is blocked. A transparent screen is placed in the front part of the body – to protect the user’s hand from flying scraps of branches.

The position of both handles can be changed: the main one rotates, the angle of the front one is set by the working one. This guarantees comfort in any situation and in any position.

Another example of Lamborghini brushcutters is presented in Russia – the GBS 6036i model. It is a combination of cordless garden shears and brush cutter in one tool. Versatility is achieved through the ability to change cutting equipment. The shears are equipped with cutting blades and a brush cutter (Mogatec technology). With the scissors in place, you can take care of your lawn, for example after mowing with a lawn mower or trimmer on a regular basis. And with a hedgecutter knife, it is convenient to handle a hedge. Thanks to the Quick click-in system, equipment can be changed quickly and without the need for additional tools.

The high quality of the hedge trimmers, like other Lamborghini garden tools, is backed by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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