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Husqvarna: for everyoneMowing grass in the country or sawing firewood is that “must-have program” that no owner of a suburban area can avoid. Of course, the scale can be different: for some, it is enough to work a few hours a year on weekends, while others look after the site throughout the year. But in any case, this kind of work is easy to mechanize by purchasing the right equipment.

The Swedish company Husqvarna does not need any special introduction, in its field it has long had a reputation as a recognized world leader. Products are constantly being updated and improved, many of the engineering solutions used everywhere now first appeared on Husqvarna models. Whether you need powerful professional equipment or household appliances, you can always find the right model in the assortment. Garden equipment under the Husqvarna brand is known in many countries around the world, including where the most close attention is paid to comfort and safety during work. This means that any model, even designed for “private” use, must meet strict requirements for environmental friendliness, noise and vibration levels, be ergonomic and user-friendly.

In this article, we will look at the three most relevant models of garden equipment from Husqvarna for the summer cottage season – a petrol cutter, a lawn mower and a chainsaw. The choice is not accidental: mowing the grass, mowing the lawn and storing firewood are perhaps the most time-consuming tasks that a summer resident faces. So this review should be viewed as a detailed collection of ready-made solutions. Working with this tool turns from a tedious duty into light work in the fresh air for your own pleasure.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 236Husqvarna 236


TYPE OF: domestic
ENGINE: 2-stroke X-Torq; 38.2 cm3
POWER: 1.4 kW (1.9 HP)
TIRE LENGTH: 14 “(36 cm)
CHAIN: 3/8 ”x1.3 mm
CHAIN ​​LUBRICATION: pump – automatic; oil tank volume – 0.2 l
THE WEIGHT: 4.7 kg
SECURITY: automatic inertial chain brake; anti-vibration system
PRICE: RUB 6,999

A chainsaw is an all-season tool, it may be needed at any time of the year: when removing trees on the site, it will help with the construction or dismantling of an old building … well, there is nothing to say about the preparation of firewood.

The Husqvarna 236 is the lightest model in the range of chainsaws, but it cannot be called simple. The saw is intended for private use and fully complies with strict European environmental standards, which implies a fairly serious technical equipment.

The engine is made according to our own patented X-Torq technology: before a new portion of the fuel mixture is injected into the cylinder, the combustion chamber is blown through special channels with atmospheric air, forming an “air cushion” between the exhaust gases and the new mixture. Only after the start of compression, when the cylinder outlet port is blocked by the piston, is the fuel mixture fed into the combustion chamber. As a result, the fuel consumption is reduced by about 20%, and the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases – by almost 7. Due to the more uniform combustion of the mixture in the cylinder, engine vibration is significantly reduced and the torque is increased in a wide range of revolutions, especially at low and medium ones.

The patented Air Injection centrifugal system provides a high degree of purification of the air entering the air filter. The main flow of air swirling by the flywheel blades goes to cool the engine, while almost all the dust is thrown by centrifugal force to the walls of the housing. A specially shaped nozzle takes air to the carburetor away from the walls, where the concentration of remaining dust is minimal. Cleaning is completed by a nonwoven sheet air filter.

All Husqvarna saws are equipped with a Low Vib anti-vibration system, which operates on the “two masses” principle and consists of steel springs and rubber bumpers.

The chain brake handle is attached to the body at two points, which reduces the possibility of accidental breakage. To simplify the start-up, a primer and a combined control system are provided: the air damper automatically opens when you press the gas, preventing the possibility of spark plug “flooding”. Thus, the chainsaw provides confident and safe operation even in the hands of an inexperienced user. At the same time, all these technical solutions practically did not affect the price.

Gas cutter Husqvarna 128RHusqvarna 128R


ENGINE: 2-stroke, 28 cm3, 0.8 kW (1.1 HP)
FUEL TANK: 0.4 l
CUTTING EQUIPMENT: semi-automatic reel with 2.4 mm line; steel knife
GRIP WIDTH: fishing line – 45 cm, knife – 23.5 cm
THE WEIGHT: 5.0 kg
EQUIPMENT: brushcutter; trimmer head with a tucked line; steel knife; combined protective cover; knapsack harness

Almost all land owners are constantly faced with the need to clean the garden: some – from meadow grass, and some – from weeds, which consists not only of overgrown grass, but also of nettle and raspberry thickets. In order not to start the situation, the grass must be mowed, at least several times per season. And here the most effective solution is a petrol cutter.

The Husqvarna 128R is a versatile model for the private user. The scythe is quite light, but at the same time it is the best equipped for efficient work on large enough areas. The patented E-Tech engine provides excellent performance with low fuel consumption and low emissions, so you don’t have to worry about the negative impact of a working tool on clean country air or your own health. The model is equipped with an easy start system Smart Start. Part of this system is a starter with an additional spring that reduces the cord resistance by about 40% and thus makes starting easier.

The ignition switch automatically returns to the “On” position, eliminating the common mistake among inexperienced users (trying to start with the ignition off).

The transmission uses a reinforced gearbox that does not require maintenance during its service life (nevertheless, the possibility of replacing or adding lubricant is provided). The gearbox has a special design optimized for mowing grass, its gear ratio of 1: 1.4 provides significant torque.

Bicycle handles and a practical harness on both shoulders allow the user to work for long periods without fatigue.

Model 128R can effectively tackle any grass and even young shrubbery, as the delivery set, in addition to the trimmer head, also includes a four-blade metal knife. The complete set, by the way, in itself deserves special attention – there is everything you need. In addition to the knife and line reel, there is a combined protective cover, suitable for working with a semi-automatic line reel or a metal four-blade knife.

Gas powered rotary lawnmower Husqvarna LC 53eHusqvarna LC 53e

Gas-powered rotary lawn mower

ENGINE: Briggs&Stratton 750 Series; 161 см3; 2.7 kW (3.7 hp)
OPERATING MODES: back discharge, collection into the collection box, mulching
CUT WIDTH: 53 cm
HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: centralized 5-stage in the range of 25-75 mm
DRIVE UNIT: on the rear wheels; travel speed: 0-5.4 km / h
PRICE: RUB 26,950

If the site is already well-groomed or you have a lawn, then you will need a specialized wheeled lawn mower.

Husqvarna LC 53e is a sophisticated device from the new Ergo series, which stands out among its counterparts in terms of ergonomics and technical equipment. And at first glance, the model is easy to distinguish from its “colleagues” thanks to the original design and the side “trunk” – the pipe between the deck and the rigid grass catcher. The innovative airflow technology (AFT) ensures that the collection box is filled optimally, thus extending the emptying intervals. In other words, due to the downward (and not vice versa, as is usually done) air flow in the grass catcher, the collected grass is packed more densely.

The lawn mower is one of the versatile models that can work in all possible cutting modes. To work with tall grass, it is more convenient to use the rear ejection of the cut grass, and for constant lawn care – collection in a grass catcher or mulching (BioClip mode). The height of the haircut is adjusted with one lever, the change of modes is also simplified as much as possible. For example, to switch from collection to mulching, simply remove the grass catcher and insert the mulch plug into the side pipe. All operations are simple and fast.

All elements of the mower are made with a long service life and maximum usability in mind. The deck is stamped, powder-coated galvanized steel, each wheel mounted on two ball bearings.

It is very simple to clean the deck after work: you need to connect a hose with water to a special fitting on it and turn on the knives. The wires and cables of the control system are retracted inside the handles to protect them from damage and wear. It is a matter of seconds to fold the handle, its parts are connected on powerful hinges and are fixed by means of pressure levers. The upper part of the ergonomic, soft-grip handle is height adjustable – you can set a comfortable working position for users of all sizes.

For large areas, the mower is equipped with a Twin Control function. The user independently sets the desired speed by turning one of the levers (they are located on both sides of the machine


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