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Spring is approaching, which means the time of active work on the garden plot. The first thing a gardener will have to face in early spring is pruning trees. And here the Makita chainsaw will provide invaluable help, but not a simple one, but the so-called “one-handed” one. And a little later, the active growth of the grass will begin, and the time will come to mow the lawn – here you cannot do without a lawn mower. They are also in the Makita lineup, and they are different – both electric and gasoline-powered.

See DCS 232T

Chainsaw for tree crown

ENGINE: 22.2 cm3
POWER: 0.74 (0.99 HP) (at 8000 rpm)
CHAIN: 3/8 ”x1.3 mm
CHAIN ​​LUBRICATION: pump – automatic adjustable; oil tank volume – 0.19 l
THE WEIGHT: 2.5 kg (without bar and chain)
SECURITY: automatic inertial chain brake; anti-vibration system; chain catcher
PRICE: RUB 16,000

Makita DCS 232T is the lightest chainsaw on the Russian market, even in comparison with the same type of saws. Despite the “microscopic” power, it belongs to the equipment of a professional class. This tool is suitable for solving those tasks where it is not power that is important first of all, but mobility, small dimensions and the ability to freely maneuver. Of course, even when pruning tree branches, power is not superfluous, but sometimes, especially when working by the method of industrial mountaineering, the low weight not only contributes to the convenience of work, but also serves as a guarantee of safety.

The model belongs to a relatively small family of “one-handed” and is designed for professionals in municipal and forestry. These are used for pruning trees. The design of the saw allows you to work confidently while holding the saw with one hand, which is not possible with the more familiar layout.

Moreover, one-handed saws can be used to cut over the head, and in the case of conventional chainsaws, safety rules directly prohibit sawing above shoulder level. Due to the specific design, it is less convenient to saw with it than with a conventional chainsaw, in which the rear handle forms a long lever. But these are already the costs of narrow specialization, and this cannot be considered a disadvantage.

Do not forget about another unexpected “ecological niche” of this model: outdoor activities. Due to the absence of a long rear handle, such a chainsaw is much more compact than “ordinary” ones, it will not take up much space in a backpack of a tourist, hunter or fisherman. And in terms of weight (2.5 kg) Makita DCS 232T is quite comparable to the weight of an ax and “two-handed”. At the same time, in terms of the speed of harvesting firewood, the chainsaw surpasses them by an order of magnitude, which can be vital in extreme conditions. However, such equipment is unlikely to find many admirers among backpackers, but there is a huge audience of ATVs, snowmobilers, kayaks and catamarans – here the weight is not so critical, but the volume plays a much more important role. There is not much free space in the ATV trunk to fit a full-size chainsaw, but such a “baby” is much more appropriate there.

Despite its small size, the 232T has the same functionality as the “large” saws: there is an automatic chain brake and chain catcher, as well as an anti-vibration system. Basically, it is arranged in almost the same way as its “big brothers”, but the layout of all the main units is completely different. The air filter and muffler are at the rear, the fuel and oil filler openings are at the front.

Makita ELM3310 / ELM3710 / ELM4110 / ELM4610 / ELM4611: Electric Rotary Lawn MowersSee ELM3310/ ELM3710/ ELM4110/ ELM4610/ ELM4611

Electric rotary lawn mowers

ENGINE: electric; 1.1 / 1.3 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 1.8 kW
OPERATING MODES: back discharge, collection into grass catcher, mulching (ELM4610 / ELM4611)
GRIP WIDTH: 33/37/41/46/46 cm
HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: ELM3310 / ELM3710 – independent 3-stage in the range of 20–55 mm; ELM4110 / ELM4610 / ELM4611 – centralized 5-stage in the range of 20–75 mm
GRASS COLLECTOR: 27/35/50/60/60 l
DRIVE UNIT: yes (ELM4611)
THE WEIGHT: 11.5 / 13/23 / 24.5 / 27 kg
PECULIARITIES: housing made of polypropylene (ELM3310 / ELM3710) or steel; height-adjustable (ELM4110 / ELM4610 / ELM4611) folding handle
PRICE: 3730/4700/8600/9920/12 700 rubles.

Currently, Makita’s electric wheeled lawnmower line consists of five machines. It is logical to divide them into two lines in accordance with the capabilities and design features.

Two junior models, ELM3310 and ELM3710, are optimal for small country lawns. These are compact and very lightweight lawn mowers with bodies made of polypropylene, for easy storage and transport, the handle is folded down. There are two modes of operation – cutting with back ejection or with collection in the grass catcher, mulching is not provided. These mowers differ from each other in power and, accordingly, in the width of the cutting strip (33 or 37 cm).

The next three models are very different. Their bodies are no longer plastic, but steel: they are heavier, but much stronger and more durable, especially with regular maintenance. They have higher engine power and performance. By the way, the cutting width is indicated in the marking – the first two characters of the digital index speak about it. Their handle not only folds, but is also adjustable in height.

The 4610 and 4611 are supplied with a mulching plug (no need to change the blade). The “older” model in the line, ELM4611, is also self-propelled, it has a wheel drive with one fixed forward speed.

Makita PLM5114 / PLM5115: gas powered rotary lawn mowersMakita PLM5114/ PLM5115

Gas powered rotary lawn mowers

ENGINE: Briggs & Stratton 750 DOV Ready Start; 2.7 kW (at 2800 rpm) / Honda GCV 190 AutoChoke; 3.3 kW (at 2900 rpm)
OPERATING MODES: back discharge, collection into the collection box, mulching
HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: centralized within 30–80 mm; 6 steps of adjustment
GRASS COLLECTOR: textile, 70 l
DRIVE UNIT: on rear wheels, 1 transfer / 3 transfers
THE WEIGHT: 38.9 / 43.2 kg
PECULIARITIES: aluminum body and deck; fitting for connecting hoses; mulching kit
PRICE: RUB 30,280 / 31,600

The models presented are powerful self-propelled lawn mowers for large lawns up to 2400 m22… They are similar in design and technical capabilities, but there are significant differences, primarily regarding engines and the number of gears.

The PLM5114 is powered by a Briggs & Stratton direct-actuated DOV engine, while the PLM5115 is powered by a Honda GC-series engine with a belt-driven timing and automatic carburetor choke control for easy cold starting.

The main mode of operation is collecting the cut grass in the collector, but side discharge is also possible. However, if there is a need to leave the green mass on the lawn as a natural fertilizer, then you can install a special plug for mulching. Its application turns the cut grass into a homogeneous gruel, which is evenly distributed over the lawn.

The mower deck is made of aluminum. This metal is not only much lighter than steel, but also less susceptible to corrosion, because grass sap is a very aggressive environment. By the way, in order to clean the knife and the inside of the deck after finishing work, you don’t have to turn these generally not the easiest machines – both models are equipped with a connector for connecting a hose with water. It is enough to supply water and turn on the knife for a short time – the effect will be, as from a high pressure washer, instantly knocking out all the adhering grass from the most inaccessible corners.

The rear and front wheels are the same, 21 cm in diameter, with an aluminum rim and a soft rubber tire, mounted on ball bearings.

The control handle is rubber coated for a comfortable grip. Its position is adjusted in height. On the handle – the controls for the movement of the mower and gearshift. The handle is folded during storage and transport.


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