Porter Cable Jigsaw Review To Make Your DIYs Easiers!

Across various platforms, the PCE345 Porter-Cable jigsaw is praised for its efficiency, all while providing the highest standard of comfort. If you’ve been eyeing this piece of perfection for quite some time now, this porter cable jigsaw review will help you weigh out all the pros and cons that come with this handyman tool, helping you decide whether this is the right device for you. We will cover all the aspect of this incredible jigsaw so that it can be easy for you to decide whether it’s a suitable buy for you, no matter if you are a woodworker, a lumberman, or a self-made DIY artist!

The PCE345 Porter Cable Jigsaw entered the market promising to deliver the very best features, all while ensuring that the customers can purchase an all-rounded, affordable jigsaw. It truly goes without saying that the most popular porter cable jigsaw proved its worth by actually delivering all that it promised. From advanced features like four different rotational settings, speed adjustments, and three bevel angles, to precision as sharp as an eagle’s eye, the porter cable jigsaw blades left our jaws dropping every chance they got!

After reading through this Porter Cable Jigsaw Review, your search to find the very best handymen tools in the market will surely end!

Porter-Cable Orbital Jig Saw PCE345

Porter-Cable Orbital Jig Saw PCE345

Porter-Cable Orbital Jig Saw PCE345

  • Speed: 3200 RPM
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 9.5 x 3.25 x 8.5 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎6 pounds
  • Power Source: Corded Electric

The Extreme Effectiveness of the Porter Cable Jigsaw

For a handyman looking to cut down a few pieces of wood or even out a thick chunk of metal, the Porter-Cable orbital jigsaw does seem to be the most appropriate choice in the current market for professional handymen tools. The main selling point of this power tool is the powerful combination it grants to the user; a 6 AMP paired with 7-speed dials! Not only this, the jigsaw comes with a whopping 7 different options that can hustle up to a staggering 3200 RPM. Tis acceleration is not to be under-estimated given that it manages to cut through almost anything without leaving a single mark.

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Coupled with 4 different rotational settings, you can easily alter the speed and pressure of the Porter Cable Jigsaw blade according to your given project’s requirements. Sounds pretty convenient, doesn’t it? You bet it is! In virtue of the easy Porter Cable jigsaw blade switch factor, you can operate this jigsaw on literally any surface, except for plastic. The importance lays at the hands of using the right blade and having just that as a part of this jigsaw, you can cut through anything with minimal distortion.

An Artistic Design with Utmost Woodman’s Utility

Still not fully convinced? Whether you’re an amateur woodworker or a professional one, the Porter Cable Jigsaw with batteries can be your best friend, provided you’re looking to settle for nothing less than the best, most professional handymen tools in the market! Porter-Cable’s have carefully crafted this beautiful jigsaw by making its approach easier and convenient for users. For this very reason and more, the jigsaw is lightweight, making it a very portable choice at hand.

According to several other Porter-Cable jigsaw reviews, this well-thought-out product also contains a rubber handle and a well moulded front, both of which make the lifting and moving of the machine feel like a cold breeze on a hot summer day! As a woodworker you know, the more comfortable the grip, the smoother the cuts — a claim that porter cable jigsaw definitely lives up to. Many jigsaws only provide two or three bevel angles with rarely any adjustment options, the lack of which can be dangerous for new owners. However, our favourite Porter Cable jigsaw comes with multiple angles, ranging from about 0 to 45-degrees. This ensures that the bevel angle cuts are finer and smoother; hence, making the DIY projects for our consumers safer and aesthetically pleasing.

The Ease of Having Porter Cable Jigsaw as Your Best Tool

Having established the obvious strength of this jigsaw in this Porter cable jig saw review, we now move onto the ease of pawing with it. The cordless Porter Cable jigsaw features a solid build quality, being highly resilient. With the metal base plate, this tool also provides a firm rubber coated grip to the holder, advocating for little to no vibration and maximizing stability. Moreover, it has been reported by several buyers of the jigsaw that the stability remains constant even during prolonged usage, indicating that the lithium batteries installed are of high quality and don’t heat up much easier.

The adaptivity of this jigsaw is also to be noted since it allows both U-shaped and T-shaped blades to be installed into its keyless blade switching system. This feature is mainly a plus-point for perhaps a freelancer worker who is likely working with multiple sorts of raw material; now, all they need to do is plug in the blade that works best on the type of material they are working on and boom, they have themselves a fine-looking piece of craft! Stating the obvious, this feature also saves you from depreciation costs, since most power tools are only capable of incorporating a single type of blade that then has to work on many surfaces, unlike this power tool which allows designated blades, in gratitude to the facile Porter cable jigsaw blade change process.

The Unfortunate Flipside

Since both clarity and honesty were promised in this Porter Cable Jigsaw review, it would be unfair for us to mislead our readers; thus, both sides to the narrative shall be told.

One of the sizable stumbling blocks of buying the Porter Cable orbital jigsaw is that it does not provide a dust control port, which is vital if you are working on a vast sized project. The issue correlates not just with being a hindrance but also poses to be a security hazard since the absence of a dust control port leads to major visibility issues that could prove to be fatal for the user. Furthermore, another feature missing that could have been a great selling point is the lack of provision of a work light. Having attached a work light next to the other Porter Cable jigsaw parts would have been a huge trump card, especially since it would add to the adaptivity capabilities of the power tool, all while making it suitable for various commercial purposes.

So, Should You Invest in The Porter Cable Jigsaw?

At this point, you are probably convinced that the Porter Cable jigsaw with batteries is indeed an affordable and worthy investment but even them, what makes it stand out from the rest of them? What truly seals the deal on this specific jigsaw? The company, Porter Cable, included two unique features, as discussed above, that have been rarely seen in any of its competitors. They have introduced a seven-step blade speed dial system and an orbital dial which can cut beyond the traditional designs. These two features can also be employed to cut through PVC pipes and aluminium which is a definite win-win for the product’s consumers, especially as no other similar jigsaw provides this service at the given price point!

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This Porter Cable jig saw review also keeps the company’s safety policies in mind and always promises to comment on them. That being said, the jigsaw comes with a large safety show and a protective cover to provide stability to the users while they are working. Consumer safety is once again, put forth at its mightiest, as the Porter Cable jigsaw Lowe’s comes with a lock-on button; this button prevents your fingers from holding down the trigger while you simultaneously put the saw to work, stopping your fingers from wearing out during the entirety of the project.

The Key Takeaway

To come to the point, Porter Cable has done a decent job in manufacturing a power tool that suffices to the needs of those who are looking to get a quick job done efficiently and neatly. The Porter Cable orbital jigsaw, in short, is perfect for someone working on DIY home projects, small-scale woodwork, or even mild steelworks. Although it may be argued that every power tool requires hours of practice before it can be operated on raw materials, Porter Cable has you covered for that considering the extensive Porter Cable Jigsaw Manual that is a part of the whole package. Other than the necessary instructions-to-use manual, you will find the PCE345, a wood-cutting blade and a wrench inside the box.

It goes to say that, without a doubt, this machine is a definite purchase, putting an end to this Porter Cable Jigsaw Review. Buy it here!

Porter-Cable Orbital Jig Saw PCE345


Porter-Cable Orbital Jig Saw PCE345


Salient Features:

  • 3200 RPM Speed
  • 7 position speed dials
  • 6 AMP motor
  • 4 variations for orbital settings
  • Lock-On button eases prolonged usage
  • Oversized handles increase comfort
  • Keyless blade changing
  • Corded power tool
  • Metric measurement system
  • Three-year seller warranty
  • Extremely lightweight; weighs only 6 pounds, as compared to other power tools.

  • Official seller warranty provided alongside 1 year of free service and a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • The keyless Porter Cable jigsaw blade changing system greatly improves the handiness of the tool by advocating for a simple 3-step process – click, eject & insert.
  • The multi-optional orbital setting of the jigsaw now allows users to reach for difficult angles.
  • The powerful 6 AMP motor paired up with 7 position speed dials, with the right blade, manage to cut through areas that are thick and layered.
  • Accepts both U-shaped and T-shaped blades in its keyless blade clasp.
  • Rubber coated grip that maximizes stability and eliminates vibration.

  • A few alignment issues have been reported in some units.

  • No dust control port leading to visibility issues.
  • The tool is unequipped of a work light.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How far up can the Porter Cable Jigsaw be powered?

This Porter Cable Jigsaw runs on 110V/120V only.

How far deep can the Porter Cable Jigsaw cut?

With the appropriate blade, it can cut up to 4 inches of aluminium, wood, and steel.

Does the Jigsaw come with a battery charger?

No, the Porter Cable Jigsaw battery system is powered by a corded-electric function.

Is there an adjustable bevel?

Yes, according to the porter cable jigsaw review, the product comes with an Allen wrench to use with the bolt for adjustment purposes, which is all explained in the Porter Cable Jigsaw manual.


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