The A-Z Ridgid Table Saw Review2023 : Best Table Saw for DIY Projects


A woodworker is as good as his tools. If you are working on a job or a DIY project, you must have the best table saw. Many companies have introduced top products in the market. So, it becomes hard to choose the best brand. One such brand is Ridgid whose mission is to produce reliable and rock-solid products. So, go through our ridgid table saw review to see why it is so famous among woodworkers.

If you want to survive in today’s competitive industry, it is necessary to get an accurate and reliable table saw.

The A-Z Ridgid Table Saw

Rigid Table Saw Review - Best Table Saw for DIY Projects

RIDGID R4512 10 in. 13-Amp Cast IronTable Saw

  • Brand: Ridgid
  • Speed: 3450 RPM
  • Power Source: Ac
  • Orange

RIDGID R4512 10 in. 13-Amp Cast IronTable Saw


Rigid Table Saw Review - Best Table Saw for DIY Projects


Powerful motor:

Power is the single most important factor before buying any saw.

This table saw comes with a powerful 13 AMP motor. It is sufficient to produce up to 3450 RPM spinning speed with a staggering 3.8 horsepower. These features allow you to cut through materials real quick.

Owing to the speed, you have the privilege to cut through softwood and metals, plywood, and even plastic.

The motor requires 110 volts. However, you can rewire it to 220 volts if the need arises.

Keep in mind that this table saw is not an ideal candidate for heavy-duty projects. So, it is best to use them for DIY projects around your home or your loved ones. It can get some light-duty jobs done since the power is not strong enough.

Material and Design:

No doubt, with a heavy price tag, comes a reliable product. You will never regret buying a Ridgid product due to its impressive and sturdy designs. This table saw is made to endure wear and tear from a beginner woodworker.

Ridgid R4512 is a heavy product but the wheels allow you to move it safely. The small wheels may test you, so it is better to fix it at a place than to move around the job site. Nevertheless, wheels make it a portable table saw. An additional feature is the foot pedal that helps you lift the saw and move around. Wheels and the foot pedal both will reduce the burden of carrying this heavy saw in your garage or workplace.

So, be sure to get a table saw that will even stand the test of an amateur woodworker.

Iron table:

A poor-quality table saw keeps on shaking during work. A cast iron table reduces vibration. A stable table allows a smooth and accurate cut. Stability plays a pivotal role here as it can be a nuisance during work. Cut the desired material on the flat iron tabletop without the fear of an accident. The cast iron table fulfills the task of a separate ridgid table saw stand.

Looking for a saw to help you cut longer wood pieces? We found the table extensions on the right and left sufficient to handle big pieces. The overall space is a handsome 49×27 inches, fantastic for your DIY projects.

Therefore, stability combined with generous table extension is like a dream come true.

Cutting capacity:

You must have been waiting for this part while going through our ridgid table saw review.

The saw’s blades can cut through a depth of 3.25 inches at 90 degrees. The bevel capacity of R4152 is 45 degrees and cuts through a thickness of 2.25 inches.

Let’s talk about the rip capacity i.e., the space between the edge of the fence and the edge of the table saw’s blades. The maximum rip capacity is 30 inches to the right side and 15 inches to the left.

Thus, you get a modest cutting capacity within this price range. This tool is a perfect choice for hobbyists and the ones carrying out DIY projects.

Fence system:

A smooth and well-constructed fence system offers a smooth working experience. This ridgid table saw has an aluminum fence with a front and back locking system that adjusts smoothly on the rail. Furthermore, this fence system gives extra-large glides.

Some customers complain of a defective adjusting system. The adjustment problem is minute. However, things get problematic when manual adjustment goes back to the original on moving the blade up and down. This makes it difficult to get the highest accuracy that is the requirement of a professional table saw. So, use it for DIY projects only.

Miter gauge:

In addition to a fence system, a miter gauge plays the role of delivering accurate cuts. It consists of T-slots for holding auxiliary fences. These already integrated fences assist while working on large pieces. You can add other accessories in the T-slots too. Use the ridgid table saw manual if you can’t understand the process.

This die-cast miter gauge improves the cutting precision to uplift the results.


A quick and efficient blade can rip through cutting material quickly and smoothly. This saw has a 10-inch and carbide-tipped 40 tooth blade. It’s your preference to replace the blade to get even precise cuts.

With the extensive use of dado blades, a woodworker always considers the saw with dado compatibility. You can use 13/16 inches dado blades. However, you will need a dado insert. Since the motor is decent enough to allow light jobs. Do not expect that dado blades will work all day long.

So, this positive trait makes Ridgid R1452 worth the money for your home projects.

Dust control:

You certainly do not want a mess at your workstation. R4152 has outdone itself in this regard. Attach a 4-inch diameter connecter with the universal dust port of the saw.

It’s compatible with attaching with a vacuum for a quick and efficient dust collection. If you do not have a vacuum, go with a collection bag and collect all the sawdust.

Your family members won’t be complaining about the dust and dirt at home anymore.

Safety measures:

You can imagine the importance of safety measures by the fact that it costs nearly 2 billion dollars every year to treat table saw-related injuries.

The plastic blade guard grants you the opportunity to stay aware of what’s happening while working.

Another important feature is the anti-kickback system adding to your safety.

The riving knife and blade guard are easy to remove and have a plastic push stick too.

During an emergency, you can turn off the button that’s present with the functional reach. It’s slightly smaller but can do the job.

We expect these safety measures to prevent you from unwanted lacerations or flying objects coming from the spinning blades.


Now, you can stock up the extra wrenches, blades, and other ridgid table saw parts on the onboard storage. This feature is icing on the top of an already diverse tool.

  • It has a decent cutting capacity.

  • It allows the use of dado blades but through a dado blade insertion.

  • The iron cast stability gives an overall strong design and stability.

  • It includes an efficient and reliable safety system.

  • Onboard storage allows some extra space.

  • You can easily collect the dust by connecting a vacuum or dust collector bag.

  • The saw is not suitable for heavy-duty projects.

  • The fence system has alignment problems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Ridgid R4512 belt or direct driven?

This saw is belt-driven. So, it uses a pulley and belt system to deliver power to the blade. This type requires constant maintenance and is extra costly.

What is the length of this table saw after installing the fence?

When you install the guard and extend the blade, there is a difference of 43.5 inches between the top of the guard and the floor. If you lower the blade and remove the guard, it is 37.5 inches.

Can you use zero clearance insert with this saw?

Yes! You can add a zero clearance insert with other ridgid table saw accessories. It serves the purpose of bringing the distance between the blade and the closest supporting surface near zero.

Can you use a Beisemeyer fence in Ridgid R4152?

Yes, you can. However, it is as costly as the saw itself.

Who makes Ridgid table saws?

Emerson Electric is a Fortune 500 company that works on various engineering projects. Ridgid has headquarters in Ohio but the owner Emerson Electric is based in Missouri. Ridgid not only manufactures table saws but many other tools like the popular red pipe wrench.

Are Ridgid table saws any good?

Ridgid has good quality products that will provide value for the money. Along with the quality, affordability is a big plus when it comes to Ridgid table saws. Before buying, look if the table saw is suitable for light or heavy-duty projects.

Final thoughts:

This ridgid table saw review shows the working, design, and other aspects of the classic R4152. The ridgid table saw under disucssion has a robust design with decent functionality. You should not expect the table saw to work on heavy-duty projects because of the low-volume motor. However, your DIY projects will finish to perfection using the R4152. So, if you plan to revamp your home, go for this saw. The easy-to-move and compact design will be a great addition to your garage or small shop.


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