Ryobi 36V Instrument Program | Reviews 2023


Ryobi launches the first cordless power tool in its lineup with the performance of a gasoline powered tool. Ryobi’s new range of 36-volt lithium-ion tools provide freedom of movement for a variety of gardening tasks, while maintaining the performance and runtime of gasoline-powered counterparts.


• Performance like gasoline powered tools
• 97% less noise and vibration
• Operation is 50 times cheaper
• New tool range with interchangeable 36-volt batteries

Zero-emission 36-volt tools have 97% less vibration and noise, and thanks to their powerful battery, they last as long as their gasoline counterparts.

The new range of power tools with 36-volt lithium-ion batteries retain all the advantages of gasoline-powered tools, but eliminate their disadvantages. You no longer have to mix gasoline with engine oil, store containers with fuel and spend money on buying it: seasonal operation of a 36-volt cordless tool costs about 50 times cheaper than conventional gasoline counterparts.

The powerful 36-volt 2.6 Ah lithium-ion battery provides extremely long run times for a cordless tool. The hedge trimmer can work without recharging for up to 90 minutes, allowing you to process an area of ​​up to 150 square meters, and a linear trimmer mows an area up to 2500 square meters in 60 minutes of operation.


The 36-volt lithium-ion battery range includes:

1. Linear Trimmer with 36V Li-ion Battery – RLT36.

The 36 V (2.6 Ah) battery works on one charge for up to 60 minutes: during this time, you can process up to 2500 square meters of surface.

The battery is located at the back for optimal balance and weight distribution, while the ergonomic front handle helps reduce vibration and enhances usability. The hammer speed control improves control when clipping near delicate surfaces. A metal shield protects flowers and surfaces from damage. The line is automatically fed when the trigger is pulled.


Voltage: 36V lithium-ion battery (2.6 Ah)
Cutting diameter: 28-33 cm
Max. speed: 9000-10000 rpm
Line feed: automatic
Line type: 1.5mm twisted
Charging time: 60% in 60 minutes / 100% in 100 minutes
Weight: 4.1kg

Standard equipment: battery 2.6 Ah, line, charger

 2. Brush cutter with 36V lithium-ion battery – RHT36.

The 36 V (2.6 Ah) battery lasts up to 90 minutes on a single charge – enough time to trim an area of ​​up to 150 square meters.

The top-mounted battery improves weight distribution and tool balance so you can work longer without fatigue. Two blades with specially shaped teeth grip each branch securely for an efficient cut. The blades are laser cut and polished with diamonds for the most accurate cut. The patented HedgeSweep nozzle helps remove waste and clean up faster.


Voltage: 36V lithium-ion battery (2.6 Ah)
Maximum diameter of cut knots: 20 mm
Blade length: 550mm
Stroke frequency: 3000 strokes per minute
Charging time: 60% in 60 minutes / 100% in 100 minutes
Weight: 4.2kg
Standard equipment: 2.6 Ah battery, protective cover, HedgeSweep attachment, charger

3. Chainsaw with 36V lithium-ion battery – RCS36.

The 36 V battery (2.6 Ah) allows you to make up to 100 cuts in wood with a diameter of 10 cm without recharging.

The top-mounted battery improves weight distribution and tool balance, allowing you to work longer without fatigue. The D-shaped handle further enhances usability. The optimized chain speed delivers maximum torque so the engine stalls virtually no stall, even under heavy load. Automatic chain lubrication, prolongs tool life, and a tool-free chain tensioner helps to quickly and easily adjust the tension.


Voltage: 36V lithium-ion battery (2.6 Ah)
Torque: 4.4 Nm
Bus length: 30cm
Tool-free chain tensioner: yes
Oil tank capacity: 110ml
Charging time: 60% in 60 minutes / 100% in 100 minutes
Weight: 4.4kg
Standard equipment: 2.6 Ah battery, chain oil, case, charger

New range of Ryobi 36-volt power tools for gardening. Lawnmower with 36V Li-ion Battery - RLM3640LI4. Lawnmower with 36V lithium-ion battery – RLM3640LI.

A 36 V battery (2.6 Ah) allows you to treat an area of ​​up to 400 sq. M without recharging.

Convenient single point lever for selecting one of five heights of cutting grass. The 40 cm deck provides a large cutting width and the spacious 50-liter grass catcher. Both the accumulation of grass in the collector and mulching are possible. The bumper protects the mower when mowing near hard surfaces. The handles fold quickly for easy storage. In addition, the mower is equipped with a security key that prevents accidental starting.


Voltage: 36V lithium-ion battery (2.6 Ah)
Mowing width: 40 cm
Speed: 3500 rpm
Drive mechanism: non-self-propelled, wheels on ball bearings
Mulching: yes
Charging time: 60% in 60 minutes / 100% in 100 minutes
Weight: 18KG
Standard equipment: 2.6 Ah battery, mulching cylinder, charger

5. Air blower with 36V lithium-ion battery – RBL36B.

Supplied without battery and charger to expand the system at no additional cost to purchase a battery and charger.

The 36V (2.6 Ah) Ryobi battery provides up to 40 minutes of runtime at full power and a top speed of 250 km / h. The top-positioned battery improves weight distribution and enhances usability. The blower is equipped with a trigger speed control mechanism, which helps to control the device more accurately and increases the operating time. The high speed nozzle is great for wet leaves and debris; easily removable when a large amount of air is required for cleaning dry debris.


Voltage: 36V Li-ion battery (sold separately)
Air speed: 250 km / h
Switch: adjustable
Weight: 3.1kg
Standard equipment: high speed nozzle


All Ryobi tools are backed by a two-year warranty.

For more information on Ryobi and its tools, visit the website: www.ryobitools.eu


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