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The Ryobi brand does not need a special introduction, it has been known in our market for more than one year, and the first Ryobi electric tool was released back in 1968.

Ryobi garden equipment and power tools are manufactured and marketed by Techtronic Industries (TTI), which owns, among others, such well-known power tool brands as AEG and Milwaukee, as well as Homelite garden equipment.

The range of products offered is extremely wide and includes all types of tools and garden equipment.

Ryobi RCS4640C/ RCS4845C/ RCS5150C


TYPE OF: domestic
ENGINE: 46/48/51 cm3
POWER: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0 kW (2.4 / 2.6 / 2.7 HP)
TIRE LENGTH: 16/18/20 ” (40/45/50 cm)
CHAIN: 0.325”x1.5 mm
CHAIN ​​LUBRICATION: pump – automatic; oil tank volume – 0.3 l
THE WEIGHT: 5.4 kg
SECURITY: automatic inertial chain brake; anti-vibration system; metal toothed stop; bus end protection
PRICE: 7840/7920/8000 rub.

In 2011, Ryobi launches a new range of versatile farm-grade chainsaws equipped with 0.325-inch performance chains.

Even a cursory examination shows that the utmost attention has been paid to the issues of convenience and safety. The first thing that catches your eye is the protection at the end of the tire. In case of inept or careless work, when the tire is pressed against the tree precisely by the end, the saw can instantly rebound upward (kickback). This is out of the question here. Moreover, the functionality of the saws did not suffer, since in everyday life it is rarely necessary to work with trees with a diameter greater than the length of the tire. In addition, this protection can be removed – it is needed primarily for insufficiently experienced users.

The front handle of the saw is recessed deeper than many other manufacturers, which makes the inertia brake guard appear taller. Not only does this have a positive effect on safety, the compact layout makes it easier to clear debris or delimb.

To control the level of liquids, the tanks for oil and gasoline are made transparent: it seems to be a trifle – but it’s convenient.

The clutch mechanism is internal, which makes it easy to install the chain. Two models have a tool-less chain tensioning system using a handwheel and tension wheel; for the more powerful RCS5150C, the tire is traditionally fixed with nuts. A three-point anti-vibration system operating on the principle of “two masses” protects against vibration. The chain brake is inertial.

The saws are supplied with a plastic case for storage and carrying.

Ryobi RLM4617SM / RLM5219SME

Gas-powered rotary lawn mowers

ENGINE: Subaru, 175/190 см3
OPERATING MODES: side discharge (RLM5219SME), collection in the grass catcher, mulching
GRIP WIDTH: 46/52 cm
HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: centralized in the range of 19–76 mm; 7 steps of adjustment
GRASS COLLECTOR: cloth; 55 l
DRIVE UNIT: on rear wheels
THE WEIGHT: 32.5 / 34.5 kg
PRICE: RUB 15 360/17 640

Ryobi’s new series of powerful lawnmowers are designed for mowing large lawns of 2000-2500 m2, so they have high-performance 4-stroke OHV engines from Subaru and large fuel tanks. The mowers are richly equipped: folding handles with soft pads, central adjustment of the cutting height. In addition to collecting in a grass catcher, the basic configuration also includes a mulching function (in many competitors it is only available as an option). The most powerful model RLM5219SME also has a side discharge of grass.

Rear-wheel drive is also an extremely useful feature. Thanks to it, long-term work in large areas will be less tiring.

To protect the deck from damage and scratching during operation, there are plastic bumpers at the front and rear. By the way, they can protect not only the deck, but, by absorbing the impact, soften its effect on trees and shrubs.


The new series of Li-Ion battery gardening equipment includes various types of energy-intensive gardening equipment that can become an alternative to gasoline and electric models.

Batteries in the series are the same, interchangeable, with a capacity of 2.6 A * h. In an hour, the battery is charged by 60%, the time for a full charge is 1 hour 40 minutes. Some models come with a battery and charger, some are available without them, so as not to overpay, expanding the range of home appliances.

Ryobi’s 36-volt lithium-ion range includes the RLM3640LI lawn mower and RLT36 electric scythe, chainsaw, blower and brush cutter. Top battery positioning of the entire hand tool in the 36V program ensures good balance and reduces user fatigue.

All Ryobi products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Ryobi RCS36

Cordless chain saw

TYPE OF: domestic
CHAIN: 3/8 ”x1.3 mm
CHAIN ​​LUBRICATION: pump – automatic; oil tank volume – 0.11 l
SECURITY: chain brake; metal toothed stop; chain catcher; protective screen at the end of the bus
THE WEIGHT: 4.4 kg
PRICE: RUB 11 693

A full charge of the battery is enough for 100 cuts of 100×100 mm cant or continuous sawing for 80 minutes. This is enough both for work on the site, and for not too long “going into the forest”.

Thanks to the transverse arrangement of the engine, the model turned out to be quite compact, despite the battery installed on top. Outwardly, it resembles a “traditional” chainsaw. The similarity is enhanced by the handle that surrounds the body, that is, you can work with the tire parallel to the ground (which is not available to every electric saw). A conveniently located transparent oil tank window allows you to monitor the oil level without being distracted from your work.

For tensioning, a toolless system with a handwheel-tensioner and a fixing wing nut was used. In addition to the usual safety systems for chain saws, the end of the bar is equipped with a kickback protection. The serrated bumper provides additional support when cutting thick logs. The time for stopping the chain when the brake is activated is no more than 0.1 s.

Ryobi RBL36B

Cordless Blower

AIRFLOW RATE: adjustable, up to 250 km / h
THE WEIGHT: 3.1 kg

Battery and charger are not included in standard delivery of RBL36B blower. They can be purchased separately or used with a battery from any other equipment from the “thirty-six-volt” line. Blowers are bought in order to expand the existing “arsenal” more often than any other types of garden equipment, and if at least one Ryobi battery model is already on the farm, the second battery is not so necessary. But at the price of such a tool is significantly cheaper than the “complete” one.

The battery has enough charge to run at full speed for at least 40 minutes. The speed is regulated depending on the force of pressing the trigger. A detachable “high-speed” nozzle is designed to blow away sand and wet leaves, that is, for the most difficult work.

Ryobi RHT36

Cordless brush cutter

CUTTING EQUIPMENT: double-sided brush cutter; length – 55 cm, cut step – 20 mm
THE WEIGHT: 4.2 kg
PRICE: RUB 11,609

A fully charged battery is enough for the brushcutter to operate continuously for an hour and a half, which equates to approximately 150 m2 of hedge trimmed. The screen on the front of the case protects the user’s hands from branches and prevents fingers from getting under the blades, and the semicircular handle allows you to work comfortably in various spatial positions.

The patented Hedge Sweep blades move at 3,000 strokes per minute for clean, even cutting. The strength of the cutting mechanism is given by a metal support rail, the knives themselves are made using laser cutting technology, the cutting surfaces are diamond-ground.


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