The Husqvarna 436Li is a cordless chain saw. System 36V (Li-Ion, 36V)


Cordless Chain Saw

For 2016, Husqvarna’s 36V cordless tool system includes six models, one of which is shown below. Read an overview of the entire series here. We publish our reviews of new products

All models of the line are intended also for those who need professional equipment – that is, demanding private users and professionals who can use it in conjunction with backpack batteries.

Husqvarna 436Li - cordless chain saw (Li-Ion, 36 V)

Husqvarna 436Li

Cordless chain saw

  • TYPE: transverse engine
  • RAIL: 12 ″ (30 cm)
  • CHAIN ​​(pitch x link thickness): 3/8 ″ × 1.1mm
  • CHAIN ​​SPEED: 15 m / s
  • WEIGHT (without battery, bar and chain): 2.7 kg
  • FEATURES: “outer” leading sprocket; fastening the brake shield to the body at two points; toolless tensioner (flywheel and tensioner roller in side cover)
  • RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES: BLi150 battery and QC330 charger
  • PRICE (without battery and charger): 25,990 rubles.

A lightweight chain saw, in terms of its technical characteristics, not only is not inferior to many electric counterparts, but also able to compete in sawing performance with gasoline models with a power of about 1.5 kW (2.0 HP). The saw can be used with a headset from 10 “to 14” (25-35 cm) long, and comes standard with a headset of 12 “(30 cm).

As with almost all models in the series, the saw is equipped with a brushless BLDC motor developed by Husqvarna, which, even in comparison with conventional brushless motors, provides lower power consumption and high torque in all operating modes. The motor is ultra-compact, positioned inside the body so that there are no protruding parts and the saw itself looks like a narrow “longitudinal bar”.

The model is equipped with a tool-free tensioning system: the cover is fixed with a “handwheel”, the chain is tensioned by rotating the tension roller on the sidewall. The caps for the oil tank and the chain tension “handwheel” are equipped with spring-loaded folding handles – in general, no additional tools are required during operation.

The oil for lubricating the saw headset is poured into a tank with a transparent “sight glass”, one filling of it is enough for approximately three battery charges. The brake guard is attached to the body on two pivots – another signature feature of all modern Husqvarna saws.

Like other models in the series, this machine is equipped with the SavE energy saving mode, which is activated by a special button on the body. This reduces the operating speed of the engine slightly. If the equipment is operated with an average load (as is usually the case), the inclusion of SavE does not even affect the performance, but it makes it possible to use the charge more economically.

Approximate time of continuous operation of the saw with the BLi150 battery on one charge is 30-60 minutes, with the BLi520X and BLi940X backpack batteries (14.4 and 26.1 A * h) – 200 and 350 minutes, respectively.

Husqvarna BLi80 / BLi150 - Li-Ion batteries, 36 V, 2.1 / 4.2 AhHusqvarna BLi80 | BLi150


  • TYPE: Li-ion; removable
  • VOLTAGE: 36V
  • CAPACITY: 2.1 | 4.2 A * h
  • WEIGHT: 0.8 | 1.3KG
  • PRICE: 9390 | RUB 14,590

The number in the name of Husqvarna batteries refers to the approximate amount of energy stored in them. It is indicated in watt-hours, it is easy to get it – we multiply the voltage by the capacity.

In the case of the accumulator battery, in addition to the batteries, there are also protection and charge control devices, the panel on it has LEDs showing the state of charge, a warning indicator for signaling a discharge, overheating or malfunction, as well as a button that can be pressed to check the charge. The capacity is displayed by LEDs for 5 seconds after pressing the button or turning off the equipment.

From a practical point of view, if you choose between these two batteries, the BLi150 is preferable, although it is more expensive, it allows you to work without recharging for about twice as long.

Husqvarna QC330 - charger for 36V battery systemHusqvarna QC330

Charger (charger)

  • PRICE: 10 690 rubles.

For charging battery technology, Husqvarna offers a device that is usually purchased separately. Usually, the user of battery technology does not stop at buying one tool, and the charger and the battery itself are suitable for all tools in the system. Charging time for a BLi150 battery with QC330 is 25 minutes to 80% capacity and 35 minutes to fully charge. For BLi150, these figures are about half. The BLi520X backpack battery can be fully charged in 130 minutes, and the more powerful BLi940X in 235 minutes.

The device is equipped with two LEDs: charging and error warning. The protection system switches off charging if the battery temperature exceeds 50 ° C.

Husqvarna BLi520X / BLi940X - backpack batteries for 36V battery system (14.4 / 26.1 Ah)

Husqvarna BLi520X | BLi940X

High capacity backpack batteries

  • TYPE: knapsack; Li-ion
  • VOLTAGE: 36V
  • CAPACITY; 14.4 | 26.1 A * h
  • WEIGHT (with harness): 7.1 | 7.9 kg
  • PRICE: 74 990 | RUB 117,990

For several years now, rechargeable garden equipment has also been used for professional tasks abroad. The energy reserve in a compact battery is still not enough for long-term operation. There is a way out here as well. Husqvarna offers two types of backpack batteries with different capacities as optional accessories.

Such a set consists of a belt “two-shoulder” equipment with fixation not only in the belt area, but also in the chest, a battery hinged on it and an adapter – it is inserted into the equipment. A “central” switch is located on the battery case, which prevents the system from self-discharge outside of use. There are LED indicators for charging and malfunction both on the battery itself and on the adapter.

The equipment provides several fixation points for the connecting cable, the choice of the most suitable one depends on which tool you have to work with. The cable connecting the battery and the adapter is detachable, on equipment like lawn mowers its length should be longer, an extension cable is inserted into the connector.

Compared to a compact “small” battery, the capacity of backpack modifications is simply enormous, and besides, when operating a hand tool, the weight on the hands of a worker is reduced: the adapter is much lighter than a battery. The battery has enough electricity to power various tools for a full working day.


The Husqvarna Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of forestry, park and garden equipment: chainsaws, lawn mowers, lawn mowers, garden tractors, snow throwers.

Husqvarna means 327 years of innovation and premium quality!

High technology, a strong corporate spirit and a desire to create quality tools have helped the company make its way from manufacturing weapons to sewing machines, stoves, motorcycles and, finally, landscaping technology. Continuously pushing technological boundaries, Husqvarna remains at the forefront of engineering today. Husqvarna tools are used in the forest park industry around the world, enabling hobby and professional gardeners to achieve the best results.

Husqvarna Group products are available in over 100 countries around the world. The company has offices in 40 countries and employs 13,000 people. In 2015, the company had a turnover of SEK 36 billion.


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